L.A. Maldonado

Author of The Ripper & The Darkest Hour

Josh Brogadir is an amazing and talented person. He brought my book to a new level. His voice makes my characters come to life. He is outstanding.

Ruben Soto

Author of Univision

Josh Brogadir did an outstanding job narrating my book Univision: America's Largest Spanish-Language Television Network - How it beat ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. He is very dramatic and captures your attention from the start. He has a terrific voice and he was exactly what I was looking for in the narrator of my book. His tone is wonderful and brings the information more to life. One of the main reasons why I selected Josh to narrate my book was because of his knowledge of Spanish and because of his television journalism experience. There are many names in Spanish in the book and he did an excellent job pronouncing them. He is also a great person to work with and he delivered the completed project way before the due date. I highly recommend Josh as a book narrator and I will certainly use his services again.

Anthony Cacchillo

Author of Take Five

As the voice of Take Five, a fiction compilation of short stories, Josh brought the works to life, one in particular, the voice of Sgt. Franklin, the brusque U.S. Army sergeant in, "Private Gagliardi Meets The Army." And there were others as well, some that brought tears to my eyes, such as “The Little Statue.” Not only that, but Josh was a pleasure to work with, always accommodating and adapting to all changes graciously. Josh has a voice, drive, and personality to be reckoned with, and I know that they will lead him to a very successful career.

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